Vimble 2 Telescopic Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer

  • KSh9,490
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  • Newly added 18cm long extension bar gives makes it easier to take selfies and group photos. It gives your phone a wider frame and the beautiful scenery can be easily framed.
  • Built-in zoom slider in handle makes it easier to operate but more professional in production.
  • Bluetooth shutter button - connect your phone to the vimble 2 to control the camera through the gimbal. Connect to the Feiyu ON App for more fantastic operations.
  • Selfie mode quick shift - Connect the gimbal with Feiyu ON App, and continuously click the function button three times to shift from your phone's back camera to the front camera and vice versa.
  • Face & object tracking technology - Slightly point the screen to lock face, and swipe the screen to lock the focus. It can achieve intelligent following with deep simulation to ensure everything is in focus within the frame.
  • Trail time-lapse photography in auto-rotation mode and quiescent state.
  • New trigger button with quick setting function and hands free shooting. Long press for quick lock, release to enter previous working mode.
  • Built-in Micro USB port allows you to charge the gimbal by power bank and shoot as long as you want.
  • Long-lasting 5 hour runtime for vimble 2, and can last up to 10 hours when including dormancy.