Body Sculpture Multi-Gym with Removable Preacher Curl Bench

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  • The Multi-Gym with Removable Preacher Curl Bench utilizes soft padded rollers, a fully padded vinyl seat, a plastic cowling and a premium sturdy, tubular construction for the utmost durability, comfort and longevity. Featuring a huge 66KG weight stack, this multi-gym also allows much room for progression and growth.
  • 66kg weight stack – This Multi-Gym comes with a huge 66KG weight stack so that as you progress in your fitness journey, your Multi-Gym can be brought along with you.
  • Built for comfort – The Body Sculpture Multi-Gym was designed with a huge focus on comfort, which is why it is built with with soft padded rollers and a fully padded vinyl seat. Exercising can be comfortable, let us prove it to you.
  • Built for safety – We at Body Sculpture recognize how important safety is, especially when exercising. As a result of this there is a durable plastic cowling over the weight stack to ensure nothing interferes with your health or the longevity of your multi-gym.
  • Built to last – Who wants to spend their money only to have to spend it again only a few months later? Nobody. Which is why this Multi-Gym is built with a premium, sturdy tubular steel construction. All to aid your equipment in living a long, healthy life.