Belkin 6-Outlet Surge Protection Strip with Two 2.4 amp USB Ports

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  • Keep your electronic devices protected from dangerous power surges and spikes up to 650 joules. Ideal for laptops, desktops, printers, routers, and other home/ office devices.
  • Charge your portable devices quickly while protecting them from damage and data loss thanks to two integrated 2.4 amps.
  • Features high-quality construction and a durable design with damage-resistant housing that protects circuits from fire, impact, and rust.
  • Not-Grounded Indicator that warns you when your outlet is not properly grounded.
  • 2 meter cable with a heavy-duty design helps protect the cord from damage and ensures optimal power flow to your devices.
  • Keeps connected devices safe with three-line AC protection. This type of protection guards against surges that occur between hot, neutral, and ground lines.